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Humans have two sets of teeth

Milk / Deciduous teeth : These are also called as baby teeth and these start erupting between 6 months and 1 year of age and begun falling from 6 years onwards till about 13 yrs. There are total of 20 milk teeth in a child's mouth. Permanent teeth : Start erupting from the age of 6 years. Generally 32 permanent teeth are present last to erupt are wisdom teeth between 18-25 years of age.

Milk teeth play an important role in the alignment and spacing of permanent teeth. They support the upper and lower jaws vis-à-vis each other. Constant chewing with deciduous dentition is an essential prerequisite for the correct development of the jaws. If milk teeth are lost too early , the position of the other teeth may be affected, which is why it is important that milk teeth should remain intact until they are replaced by permanent teeth. Milk teeth are like babies - they need special care and special protection, because the enamel of milk teeth and new permanent teeth is still soft and not yet fully mature.


A serious form of tooth decay among young children is 'nurshing bottle caries'. This is caused by frequent and long exposures of infants teeth to liquids which contains sugar such as milk (including breast milk), fruit juices and other sweetened drinks. This is generally observed in children who are given bottle while they are sleeping. The milk forms a rich sugary layer on teeth. Bacteria consume this & start forming acids which dissolves the tooth structure to form cavities. This is generally seen in upper front teeth.


Children are very different from adult patients. They need to feel at home and safe before allowing anyone, even a doctor, to help him/her. Our friendly staffs are trained to take care of the children & make them comfortable in the Dental Office. Very soon the child will find our clinic more as an area of interest than as on area of fear. Various behavior modulation techniques are used before the child is actually treated. Computer Animation programmes help the child to develop interest & understanding about dentistry. Specialized instruments are used to treat children which make treatments smoother & faster.


Start cleaning the mouth of your child even before the teeth appear. Using a soft and clean cloth wipe the gums and tongue of the infant. When the teeth start erupting, brush them with a soft, small toothbrush with round bristles. Do not use a fluoridated toothpaste as the baby may swallow it. Visit the dentist as the teeth of your baby start erupting. Get any decay filled in time. Get appropriate treatment such as root canal treatments, crowns, extractions, space maintainers, etc as suggested by the dentist. Ask about fluoride supplements and sealants to your dentist.


Generally, thumb- sucking before the age of two is normal and harmless . When thumb sucking is not stopped by the appropriate age (generally by the age of five), than parents should discourage the act. Prolonged thumb- sucking may contribute to crowded / crooked teeth development and bite problems .

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